Photo by Mariana Carrillo | Modern Alchemy Studios

Photo by Mariana Carrillo | Modern Alchemy Studios

Angeles has helped me better understand and listen to what my body is telling me. She’s helped me bridge the disconnect between the body and the mind allowing me to achieve more and push myself further both in and out of the Pilates studio. She approaches each meeting from the inside out to ensure that each workout fits the individual’s need on that particular day. Angeles is also an exceptional listener and creates thoughtful, individualized workouts that address the needs of each client from the inside out.

Angeles has helped me realize so much about myself and my life and I wish there was a clone of her living in Chicago!

K. Morrison


KEEP working out! And keep meeting with Angeles! I really loved my workouts with you. I feel so strongly about the power and impact of those workouts. You have a precious talent that helps strengthen, heal, and empower. After a session with you, I always felt I was floating with the lightness of the world.

S. Rounsaville


I am a nurse and work on a cardiac unit which allows me to see the deterioration of aging if one does not take care of oneself. It spurred me to the health club & after many Pilates classes I realized I found a GEM with Angeles. Her understanding of the physical changes that occur with age (especially women) with bone loss, balance, muscle deterioration has made me stronger than when I was 30! It is really the AWARENESS of my body that she has instilled in me that goes beyond the studio & into my daily life as we work as "partners" in managing this lifelong project. Her creativity in designing exercise plus the amazing results you begin to achieve helps you realize how great you are beginning to feel & how you look forward to the next session! Come join us for an amazing experience!!!  

M. Kawaguchi


Angeles is amazing. I originally saw her for rehabilitation from an injury, and she was the only person under whom I made major improvements, after trying several doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, etc. I continued to train with her while I was training for the Wildflower because she has strong swimming and cycling backgrounds, and created customized workouts for me to improve my strength for these areas.

S. Kwon


As a relatively new convert to Pilates, and with previous, negative gym-pilates experiences, I was thrilled to find Angeles as an instructor.

She is extremely kind, gentle, and is able to show you the correct technique while being very supportive--it makes such a difference to find someone with extensive knowledge and training that is able to work within your specific capabilities. After only a few sessions, I was able to notice a large spike in core strength and flexibility, and looked forward to our time together as a challenging, productive, healthy realignment for my back. She is always willing to work with you and your "body quirks" to make sure you are using the best technique, at the level that you are at, so you come away feeling stronger (and sore!) and grounded. She is awesome! I have participated in group mat classes at Club One, and done private sessions, duets, and small group reformer sessions with her, and love them all. Go now, lose 15 pounds, and gain 3 inches in height!

J. May


Your classes are not only a ton of fun but you have helped my poor little calf muscle rehabilitate after my achilles rupture. I am addicted to Pilates because of you. Thank you!

J. Maldonado


Working with Angeles is the highlight of my week! She's in tune with what works for my body and spirit, and she keeps our sessions challenging, fun and inspired. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable, and she is a vital part of my wellness arsenal. I whole-heartedly recommend pilates with Angeles!

M. Huber


Working with Angeles has changed my life. Really!

Two years ago, I developed repetitive strain injuries in both my hands. I seriously thought I would need to switch careers and/or start using voice activated typing software. It was so bad that I couldn't do daily activities like carry groceries, my hands were so weak. My wonderful occupational health doctor and physical therapist finally convinced me that the tendinitis would keep recurring unless I changed my posture. After 20 years or so of hunched over computer work, though, my back and chest muscles were all out of wack. I sought Angeles' help to get things balanced again.

Angeles was great at working with me where I and my puny back muscles were at. She has rigorous pilates training but is flexible enough to incorporatemethods from other disciplines if she thinks it will help your body. She's also personally experienced rehab issues of her own so knows what it is like. She's compassionate but tough--she's very committed to helping you achieve your goals and will definitely push you...

T. Schubert


Angeles has a keen eye while she observes her clients, noting all the adjustments necessary to focus on the specific muscle group needing attention. That detailed approach to one's form when exercising allows the client to target his/her weak spots, and ultimately train the body to use the appropriate muscles resulting in a corrected form and a healthy and balanced exercise regime. Angeles works hard to please her clients; she communicates clearly and always has her client's best interest at heart.

M. Malayan


...She has the skill set to motivate individuals intuitively, without judging them; she has enough understanding of the human condition to qualify as a psychologist (better than some with credentials) and she has the kindness of a guardian angel...she has struggled with her own health and pain issues which has given her empathy towards others' struggling... I know that she is looking out for my best interests, even if she calls me out on a habit that i may not have recognized as such...but instead of judging me on the habit, she gently asks me if i'm aware of what i have just said or done, and then leaves me the option of what to do with it...we don't label them as "good" or "bad"....just HABITS...sometimes those habits will keep us from progressing...