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30-minute and day long retreats - Summer 2016

I believe that we thrive when we’re fully supported to move and grow. I will help you discover what will make you feel better. I will impart my expertise and knowledge while respecting your instincts as well.

Workshops are tailored to focus on specific needs and wellbeing of participants.  Email me with requests or sign up to find out about upcoming workshops

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2017 Events

Find Your Perfect Squats - Mindfully (TBA)

Better Sleep, Better Performance

2016 Events

Introduction To Midday Rios Strength Therapy

Better Sleep

Past Workshops & Presentations

Mindful Dinners at Private Homes, Bay Area

Mindful Dinners at Shine, San Francisco

How to Make Membrillo, Bauman College, Berkeley

How to Make Liver Pâté, Bauman College, Berkeley 

Pilates and Back Care, Bay Club San Francisco

Pilates and More for Better Posture and Alignment, Bay Club San Francisco

Pilates and Athletic Conditioning Workshop, Bay Club San Francisco

Changes in Cross-Sectional Area and Fiber Types In Patients with End-Stage Disease undergoing Conventional Hemodialysis or Renal Transplantation, Poster Presentation at the College of Science and Engineering Showcase, San Francisco State University

Uremic Neuropathy in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease, PowerPoint Presentation, San Francisco State University, Summer Research Conference

Mild Compression on Sciatic Nerve in a Rat Model, Poster Presentation at the College of Science and Engineering Showcase, San Francisco State University


Presented at the following organizations:

  • New Resource Bank
  • Athleta
  • Golden Gate Hand Therapy
  • Woman Catalyst
  • Preserved Goods
  • Passion Project
  • The Bay Club
  • Take Back The Night