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Smarter. Stronger. Better.


I plan to hold a beta program, called Smarter. Stronger. Better, starting in mid-MayThis 6-week program will focus on helping you move better and feel more energy in your life. Since this will be the first go with me teaching this program, I would like to offer you a major discount to it in exchange for your feedback.  

This program will be slice of a larger offering I plan to do in the future. In order to accommodate different budgets, I have created two prices.    

Community Plan

  • 2 (50-minute) Weekly Movement and Meditation sessions
  • 3-Hour Day Workshop - TBA
  • Social and Mentoring Support
  • Online Community
  • Email Access to Teacher
  • Beta Cost: $379

Integrative Plan

  • 2 (50-minute) Weekly Movement and Meditation sessions
  • 3-Hour Workshop - TBA
  • 2 (30-minute) Nutritional Sessions
  • Social and Mentoring community
  • Online Community
  • Email Access to Teacher
  • Beta Cost: $549

If you want a more personalized experience, please talk to me about private movement sessions.  I will be offering a special private training rate for program participants. 

For more information, please email me at I will be offering the classes and workshops at 47 Kearny St. @ suite 601.  Specific dates and morning times TBA.  

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6:30 PM18:30

Vitality Workshop

Do you want to know how you can increase your energy and optimize it? Attend this workshop and learn how you can use diet and lifestyle practices to increase and optimize your energy. This will be an interactive workshop, so be ready to add more life into your living!  

Pre-registration is needed, so click here to sign up through Eventbrite.  

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5:15 PM17:15

Let's play outside: Hike to Coit Tower + Energy Workshop


Let's kick off Earth Month with a local adventure. Join me at Athleta for a quick Energy workshop and Q&A followed by a trek to Coit Tower!

We all know that food is a source of energy, but how can we optimize how we eat and live to get the most from it?  I will go over three ways you can eat and live to maximize your vitality, followed a Q&A.  We will finish this workshop with an urban hike to Coit Tower.  

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5:00 PM17:00

Better Sleep, Better Performance @ Athleta !


Better Sleep, Better Performance is a great workshop for people wanting to learn more about what they can do to experience more restorative sleep.  Angeles focus on nutrition and lifestyle practices in this workshop. She will also lead a yoga nidra session - a form of guided meditation that focuses on deep relaxation and associated with increasing hormones that helps people sleep better. 

Location: Athleta, Sutter Street Location in San Francisco

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12:00 PM12:00

Find Your Perfect Squat Class - Mindfully @ Athleta!


This workshop will go over different modalities that may be hindering you from squatting with more depth. Angeles will go over how the nervous system, muscular imbalances, fascia, and daily movements, and more can impact squats.  Figuring out what works for your body and how to work will help you move more safely while you run, lift weights, practice yoga, pilates, and more. You will figure out at least one way on how to be more active and move with more ease after attending this workshop!

Location: Athleta, Sutter street location in San Francisco

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