Spiced Milk

5 cups of Water

4 tbsp Grated Ginger

1 tbsp Turmeric

1 cup of Coconut Cream

1 tsp Cinnamon or as much as you want

Optional: Honey is optional. I am use to not adding extra sugar to my drinks.  You can add a tsp of honey for each cup of serving.  

  1. Boil the water, ginger, and turmeric for 1/2 hour in a medium size pot for thirty minutes.
  2. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool for 5-10 minutes.  
  3. Add the coconut cream to a high powered blender with the boiled ingredients, cinnamon, and honey if desired.  Blend all of the ingredients until they are completely combined.
  4. Enjoy!


Tostones with cinnamon powder.

Tostones with cinnamon powder.

I have eaten plantains before and actually couldn’t eat them very well when I first started AIP (a paleo based elimination diet called the autoimmunepaleo protocol).  As I started to heal, I now have a higher threshold for eating starches - a big part of what makes green plantains.  Adding a lot of coconut oil seems to help my body metabolize them better, so I use coconut oil to cook these delicious things.  



3 unripe peeled plantains

6 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 tsp Sea salt

wide mouth mason jar.  


1. Cut plantains into 1 inch chips.  

2. Place small sauce pan over medium heat.

3. Place the coconut oil in a saucepan and allow it to melt and spread evenly across the saucepan.

3. Place slices of plantains over the saucepan.

4. Cook the chips until they are golden on each side (about 4-5 minutes)

5. Remove them from the heat.  

6.  Place one chip between the bottom of the mason jar and over a cutting board.  Lightly press the fried chip under the mason jar until it slightly flattens. Repeat with the rest of the fried chips.  The chips will be thinner and wider.  

8. Place the flatten chips back onto the saucepan. 

9. When the chips are golden all over or to your preference, remove them from the saucepan and place them in a bowl covered with a paper towel. 

11. Once you are finished, dash sea salt over the chips and mix them so that all of the chips are covered with salt.

12. They are ready to be served alone or with toppings (ex. guacamoles, liver pate, or other dressings).




Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse layered between tostones.  

Chocolate Mousse layered between tostones.  

I love adding fruit to this recipe. It goes well with tostones, berries, and more.  

With tostones, I feel like I am almost eating a tiramisu cake - obviously without the grains, dairy, and eggs. If you want to use less sugar, feel free to not add the honey part when eating them with tostones. Riped plantains are super sweet to me, so they may be just enough sweetness for you - especially if you do not normally eat added sugars. 

If you don't like the taste of almonds, replace the extract with more vanilla or just leave this part out.  Feel free to experiment with other extracts (ex. orange extract) too.  

Lastly, chocolate can be a powerful energy shifter.  The Aztec soldiers used it as a source of energy.  If you know you are a slow phase I metabolizer (read my other article on liver detoxification), you may want be careful with how much chocolate you eat late at night, since it can impact the quality of your sleep.   



2 riped avocados

1/2 cup of raw cacao powder

1/4 cup of creamed coconut

1/4 cup of filtered water

1/4 cup of honey

4 tsp of cinnamon

1 tsp of almond extract

1 tsp of vanilla extract



Mix all of the ingredients in a high powered blender or food processor.  Enjoy!  



Pulled Meat Of Your Dreams!

My all-time favorite pressure cooked meat is picnic from pork or lamb.  It is also my favorite meat to use for batch cooking. I typically cook between 2 - 5 lb. of shoulder meat at a time. 

The first version of this recipe was inspired by Nom Nom Paleo, who got me into to using an instant pot for the first time.  Her slow cooker recipe didn't quite cook the meat the way I desired (I think there was a mistake in the publication I read), so I tried pressure cooking the ingredients through her pressure cooking recipe. I found her pressure cooking recipe through an instant pot support group on Facebook. Yep, Facebook was a lifesaver in this case.  Anyhow, you can add bacon like Michelle, from Nom Nom Paleo, does if bacon makes you happy.  I am working on some sensitivities to glutamate, what gives the umami flavor in bacon (why I didn't add bacon to this recipe).


5 lbs of shoulder - my favorite is picnic.  

5 cloves of crushed garlic

2 tsp of turmeric powder

1-2 tsp of sea salt * 

1 cup of bone broth or filtered water


  1. Slice pockets in the shoulder and place the pieces of crushed garlic in them.  
  2. Place the in a meat in a pressure cooker (I use an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker)
  3. Dash the sea salt over the meat
  4. Add the bone broth.
  5. Cover the pressure cooker
  6. Cook all of the ingredients at high pressure for 90 minutes. 
  7. When the pressure cooker has cooled off, open it.  Pull out the meat pieces onto a plate, allowing it to cool off before pulling it.  
  8. Add the pulled meat back into the pressure cooker so that you can mix it with the leftover sauce.  
  9. I save the excess meat and sauce in mason jars and put them in the freezer for future use.  
  10. Enjoy!

*My favorite sea salt for this recipe is Murray's River Flake or Alaea Red Hawaiian Sea Salt. 





Pressure Cooked Salmon

I truly believe that high quality ingredients don't need a lot of work to make a tasty meal.  This recipe is part of my standard diet, since it is so easy to make and taste delicious!  

Recipe will produce about 4 servings.


1 lb. of wild caught salmon

3 crushed garlic cloves

1/2 teaspoon Sea salt

4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

Use Citrus Dressing as a topping with parsley to your liking.  



Place all of the ingredients, with the exception of Citrus Dressing and parsley,  in a pressure cooker at high for 15 minutes to fully cook it. If you would like rarer version, you can cook the salmon for 10 minutes.  My preference is a 10-minute timing.  After the cooking time, remove the salmon from the pressure cooker after it has cooled enough for it to be safe for removal.  Place the salmon on a plate and enjoy it with your citrus dressing and parsley.  The combination of flavors, nutrition, and easy to follow steps will have you repeating this recipe quite often. 



Easy Beet Salad

Premixed Beet Salad

Premixed Beet Salad


After studying how to support liver health, I thought to myself that I must share my favorite easy beet salad.  I love the combination of roasted beets, oregano, and citrus dressing!  


1 cup of chopped roasted beets - my favorite are golden beets!

1 teaspoon of oregano

1/8 cup of citrus dressing


Mix all of these ingredients together in a medium-size mixing bowl.

Serve and enjoy immediately!