Egg Yolks Made Easy

A couple of days ago, I posted on my Facebook account a picture of a lot of egg yolks for breakfast.  A lot of people were curious on how I prepared them.  Since I am not a cook by training and couldn't technically describe how I do it, I decided to create a video to show how I boil my egg yolks. It was an impromptu approach, using my iPhone set up on a Tupperware device - yes I can jury rig a high-tech set-up (hopefully, you hear my deadpan humor).  I hope my video helps you figure out how you can also make delicious egg yolks too.  

Anyhow, I eat a lot of egg yolks, since they super nutrient dense - high in choline, K2, vitamin D, selenium, B vitamins, phospholipids, and retinol. It also contains protein and cholesterol - important for making hormones and more in the body.  

For curious people,  I am intolerant of egg whites, which is why I just eat the egg yolks.