Where I Buy My Grass-Fed & Pastured Raised Meats In The Bay Area

Organic Pastured Raised Pulled Lamb Shoulder 

Organic Pastured Raised Pulled Lamb Shoulder 

With the term grass-fed label now not being used as form of certification, I wanted to share with you some places I trust when I want to buy meat in the Bay Area. As always, getting  to know your farmer is best to stay current with their practices.  


Bi-Rite Market * +

Good Eggs +

Marina Meats*

Prather Ranch*

The Local Butcher Shop

Marin Sun Farms

True Grass Farms

Farmer's Markets  - google ones for your city and support your local farmer! Go early to have the most options.  


Other options that I haven't tried for myself, but maybe you may like to do:

Be part of CSA that offers meat.  One local CSA is called Soul Food Farm.  

Order a whole animal for yourself or with a group of folks.

Order online from US Wellness or 5280 Meats


*For special cuts, call in advance to make sure they have what you want.  

+Great place to buy seafood as well!